Guide to Getting Back in Shape Quick: 12 Week Fitness Plan

Meet Jason. Jason is a 21 year old college student. Since high school, Jason has gained a total of 30 pounds and finds it hard to improve on his fitness while in college. No longer participating in sports or physical education classes, Jason is not as active as he once was and his body is showing negative effects. JASON NEEDS HELP! Jason wants to fit in his stylish clothes again and gain the attention of the girl he keeps running into at parties. It’s time for Jason to get back in shape quick

This guide is meant to help those like Jason become stronger, leaner and more aesthetically appealing in just 12 weeks.


This plan will include:

  • 12 Week Workout Plan (handwritten by a certified personal trainer)
  • A guide to eating healthier while in college
  • A mental strategy to motivate you every step of the way

How your fitness plan works:

This fitness plan is broken down into 3 phases. In order for you to get back in shape quick and progress your body more efficiently.

Phase 1: Strength Endurance

  • During this phase, you will be working out 3 times per week in the gym. This phase is 4 weeks long and is meant to condition your muscles so your body can properly adapt to exercise and prepare you for the next phase.

Phase 2: Hypertrophy

  • This phase will consist on adding more volume to your workouts. By increasing hypertrophy, you will increase the amount of lean muscle tissue within your body. You will be working out 4 times per week while on this phase. It will be slightly harder than the first phase but you must stick with it in order to move on to the next phase.

Phase 3: Maximal Strength & Conditioning

  • The last 4 weeks of this workout plan, you will still be working out 4 times per week in the gym. The focus will now be geared towards maximal force exertion and improved cardio. After these 4 weeks are up, you would have improved your physical condition dramatically.

The workouts listed under each phase is to be completed each week until you graduate to the next phase.

All workouts, nutrition guidelines and motivational strategies are handwritten by worldclass expert and certified personal trainer Benton Thierolf.

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