Death by Kettlebells: Intense Kettlebell Workout

Scorch Fat and Build Lean Muscle with this Intense Kettlebell Workout!

Take a break from your usual weight training split and give this intense kettlebell workout a try. This workout is only 30 minutes long. However, during this 30 minutes you will be constantly moving. This full body kettlebell workout will target all our major muscle groups, allowing us to maximize our time spent at the gym (or at home).

Benefits of Kettlebell Training:

Kettlebell exercises require your body to develop it’s own momentum, making it a very powerful tool when trying to improve muscle tone and strength. As you will see in this kettlebell workout, all exercises will be compound movements which in turn, prove to be far superior than utilizing the weight machines at your gym.

As a personal trainer, it is rare my clients will go a week without performing at least one kettlebell movement. Constructing a full body kettlebell workout is excellent for those looking to improve their endurance, making it a perfect solution for athletes as well.

So get that warm-up in, slug some pre-workout down. Let’s get started on this intense kettlebell workout!


Instructions: Set a timer to 30 minutes. Complete as many rounds as possible until the time expires. All exercises are for 12 reps except for Mountain Climbers (30 seconds). Don’t forget to perfrom a proper warm-up and cool-down with this workout.

  1. KB Swings x12

  2. Burpees x12

  3. KB Clean & Press x12 (6 each arm)

  4. KB Turkish Get-Up x12 (6 each arm)

  5. KB Bent-Over Row x12

  6. KB Goblet Squat x12

  7. Mountain Climbers x30 seconds

*repeat as many times as possible